The advantage of this type of transport is delivery speed, regardless of huge distances. Time is money and vice versa; therefore, air transport is essential and inseparable part of AZI GROUP’s conception. This is part of AZI GROUP’s conception. The company offers the following services:

  • reliable and timely delivery of your cargo
  • cargo transportation by means of air-land combined method
  • transportation of special and hazardous cargo
  • provision of all the logistics services in Lithuania and abroad
  • organization of cargo pickup and delivery from doorstep to doorstep
  • customer notification of cargo preparation for shipment
  • cargo insurance against any risks during transportation etc.

AZI GROUP clients usually prefer air transport when they need fast deliveries, when cargo is delivered from any location in the world to Lithuania within 10 days. This is fast and convenient, although expensive. AZI GROUP also provides post services, offering parcel transportation by air from the U.S. to Lithuania. Commercial cargo is transported by air from the U.S. to Lithuania and also on the route China-Lithuania.

Cargo transportation by air is the newest, but rapidly developing kind of logistics. It is one of the fastest, safest and most reliable ways to transport cargo when it is necessary to transport quickly perishable goods, emergency medicines, etc., expensive and valuable cargo, even when the travel destination is across oceans. Although transportation by air is more expensive than other types of transport, cargo can be delivered to even the most remote locations within several hours. Simple packaging and a relatively high level of safety while transporting valuable and small-size cargo constitute additional advantages of transportation by air. If you select the air-land combined cargo transportation method, the transportation cost will be significantly reduced.

Cargo transportation by air accounts for 35% of all the transported cargo in the world. When transporting cargo by air, the dimensions are particularly important: airline companies restrict cargo height to 1.5 – 2 m, and the optimal size for a package is 1 – 1.1m.  One cubic meter of a package equates to 167 kg. Cargo transportation by air has particularly strict restrictions for hazardous cargo, liquids or products that emit the magnetic field. 1m3 = 166.66kg when transporting cargo by air.

Depending on individual needs, air transportation services can be divided into four types:

  • Priority air transport (used for urgent cargo which is the first to be loaded and unloaded from the plane);
  • Įprastinis oro transportas (populiariausia rūšis, kai kroviniai skraidinami reguliariais reisais);
  • Air-land combined transport (this type is becoming more popular; its main principle is adding minor types of cargo to single major shipments at one of the airports).

The responsibility of an air transport carrier is limited to SDR* 16.67 (around USD 21) per one net kilogram. This is set down in the Warsaw Convention (1929). It is also known as the air waybill. The summary of these terms is presented on the other side of the air waybill.

A carrier always has to inform a client about the movement of cargo through the entire route, providing the information on the exact locations of the cargo, which can be monitored by the client themselves.

Clients appreciate AZI GROUP not only for its quality services and accordance with all rules, but also for a strong team of customs office intermediaries. While many other transportation companies do not hold the status of the customs office intermediaries, our company can boast of many years of experience in providing such services.

Cargo transportation by air is the best solution for clients who are in a hurry as it is fast, safe and regular.