Small parcel transportation is one of the most popular services in the world. In 2014, CJSC Azi Group began providing this service in cooperation with the American company Anchor Express Inc. as well as other major airlines.

The main route of this service is the U.S. – Lithuania.

Anchor Express Inc. is in charge of collecting and sending parcels from the USA. CJSC AZI GROUP is responsible for accepting the parcel, completing customs formalities and delivering the parcel to recipients living in Lithuania.

Small parcel – a package whose customs value does not exceed LTL 75 , when the consignee of the parcel released for free circulation is a juridical person, or a package whose customs value does not exceed LTL 160, when the consignee of the parcel released for free circulation is a natural person, provided that the other conditions of Value Added Tax Act (Official Gazette, 2002, No. 35-1271) are met. A small parcel is also an exported parcel, the customs value of which is not more than LTL 3500, when the sender is a natural or juridical person.

Small parcel service allows both natural and juridical persons to purchase items from online stores located in the United States, such as eBay, Amazon etc.

All you need to do is contact us and we will give you the address in the USA to which you will be able to send your goods.

Small items must be wrapped up in durable packaging with a clearly and legibly written address of the recipient on it in accordance with the postal regulations on addressing parcels. Packaging must comply not only with the form and nature of the parcel, but also conditions of transport. Parcels whose items might cause injury, staining or damage to other postal items must be packed in packaging which ensures protection against all these threats.

For more information on the items prohibited visit:

Or contact our company representative.

In accordance with the General Regulations of the Universal Postal Union applied to all kinds of parcels, the following items are prohibited from being sent:
• narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
• explosive, flammable and other hazardous substances as well as radioactive materials
• parcels of an offensive or obscene nature
• live animals
• items which are banned from being imported and used in the destination country
• items which may pose a danger to post office employees, or whose specific properties may cause smearing or ruining of other postal parcels
• documents which are important by nature, or personal conversations between people who are neither the sender nor the recipient, nor people who live with the recipient or the sender
• coins, banknotes, cheques or any declared securities, travel cheques, processed and unprocessed platinum, gold, silver, precious gems, jewellery and other valuable items


Different countries may have additional prohibited items. If sending by airmail, avoid putting aerosol deodorants, perfume, nail polish, or alcoholic drinks in your parcel.


The responsibility lies with the sender of the parcel if the prohibited items (goods) are found there. In this case, they shall be returned to the sender, or confiscated in cases prescribed by law and order.